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Green Terra Alliance


Green Terra Alliance Organic Waste and Garbage Treatment LLC

Company Solutions in Waste Processing

Green Terra Alliance’s (GTA) solution presents a Cost-effective innovative and comprehensive approach to organic waste management, addressing the challenges of waste disposal, climate change, and sustainable agriculture.

Waste-to-Energy (WTE) System Overview

A waste-to-energy (WTE) system efficiently converts recyclable waste materials into heat, electricity, or fuel. The process involves the following key steps:


A Proprietary closed-loop, continuous flow, in-vessel organic waste processing facility

Reduces pressure on landfills by organic waste (food waste, sludge and grass clippings) diversion and conversion into fertilizer

Generates Electricity from Organic waste.

Produces Organic, local, and cost-effective carbon sequestration fertilizer (biochar)

Climate change mitigation via circular economy approach.

By converting waste into valuable resources and promoting environmentally friendly practices, GTA contributes to a more sustainable and resilient future globally.

Our Unique Features

These unique features enhance our waste-to-energy process, maximizing energy conversion and producing valuable Bio-hydrogen and activated Biochar fertilizer for a green economy.

Waste calorific value standardization

Efficient combustion technology

PSA for hydrogen purification

Activated Biochar production

Process Flow chart of Our WTE Innovation

Sustainable Competitive Advantage Overview

What can be processed?

Our organic waste-to-energy innovation can be customized based on the feed stock. Contact us for more information.