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Green Terra Alliance

Green Terra Alliance Industrial Enterprises and Management LLC

Green Terra Alliance Industrial Enterprises and Management LLC (GTA) is the parent company and would carry out various activities under different SPV Corporations.

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Green Terra Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing LLC

Customized Liquid and Dry Fertilizer Manufacturing


Green Terra Alliance Organic Waste and Garbage Treatment LLC

Organic Waste to Biofertilizer Innovations

Natural NutriRx Food Supplements Manufacturing LLC

Nutrient Dense Supplement Manufacturing

Green Terra Innovations Virtual Asset Trading LLC

Green Terra Innovations Virtual Asset Trading LLC

Green Terra Alliance Carbon Credit Trading LLC

Green Terra Alliance Carbon Credit Trading LLC

About Us

Our establishment’s aim is to set up various Smart Climate Change Solutions and innovations across the world such as

Climate-smart fertilizers that:

Our closed-loop, continuous, in-vessel facilities:

Our solutions align with global climate change goals and circular economy policies in reducing the pressure on landfill, being part of the solution to Net-zero to landfill and supporting carbon neutrality.


Become a part of the solution to innovative waste recycling, water conservation and food processing solutions while boosting local organic fertilizer and manufacturing.


Elevating sustainable crop production, enriching nutrient density in food, and bolstering agricultural/lawn ecosystem resilience through innovative climate-smart technologies, sustainable practices and water use efficiencies. Our commitment to reducing emissions paves the way for a more environmentally sustainable future.

Our Team Members

Mr. Emmanuel Richard

Managing Partner, CEO, with over 2 decades of experience in waste management and green Innovations. An industrial biochemist and accredited GHG auditor, fueling innovative solutions and commitment to sustainability using a closed-looped circular economy approach.

African Region

Mr. Pierre Joseph Kamano, Conakry, Guinea

Worked with the World Bank for over two decades in human resources development and training while holding senior positions within the bank in several countries in Africa and the Middle East. Upon retiring, he returned to his country in order to put his long international experience and his connections at the service of developing Sustainable projects.

Our Partners

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Reduce greenhouse gas emissions using Technology and Sustainable Agricultural practices.