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Green Terra Alliance

Compost Fertilizer Processing

As custodians of our land, we seek a better way to optimize the productivity of the land we have been given dominion over for improved ROI and for future generations. Green Terra Alliance Organic Waste and Garbage Treatment LLC. through its food waste recycling facility has perfected the pelletization of a low salt index fertilizer “soil Boost plus” which will be a game changer for regenerative Ag. The benefits of our customized soil Boost plus Fertilizer includes but is not limited to the following:

What Is The Ideal Application For Soil Boost?

For regenerative Ag and soil, both would have maximum benefit if it’s applied in the fall and in the spring.

Fall application: Broadcasted up to 400lb/ac depending on the desired formulation

Spring application: With the seed, mid-row or side banded. App rate depends on the desired formulation.

What Can Be Added?

Calculated amounts of Macro and Micronutrients can be incorporated into a prill.
Customer requirements: