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Green Terra Alliance


Guided By Clear Values

We promise to be part of the solution to food waste in Canada by using our proprietary process to produce nutrient-rich organic matter that will feed the soil that nurtures us.


Just as no two farms are alike, neither are the solutions required to produce greater yields. With our ability to recycle close to 100% of the food wastes we receive, we provide non-toxic fertilizer products to meet custom needs in the agricultural industry. From food waste to compost, we are dedicated to ensuring every part of our process has the customer in mind.


We are industrial experts with proven success in processing food waste. Our extensive operations management experience and established relationships in the agricultural industry enable us to deliver sustainable solutions to food waste management and agricultural soil health.


We provide innovative solutions to dealing with food waste, beginning with food and plant-related wastes generated by Canadian businesses and residences. We challenge ourselves daily to find better ways to process and recycle these wastes. We listen to the needs of our customers and produce value-added, customized fertilizer formulations for a range of applications in regenerative agriculture.


We believe that a diversity of people, experiences, and skills create the best solutions. We value collaboration from many disciplines and backgrounds in our pursuit of planet- friendly innovations that addresses the current paradigm of food waste, soil health, and landfill challenges.


We have developed an efficient, consistent process for collecting, composting and transforming food waste into customized compost fertilizer prills with excellent crush strength and handling. Our streamlined processes make table-to-farm composting easy and affordable.


Our business is based on being environmentally responsible. We take that responsibility seriously, and continue to seek better ways to address food waste in our society and promote regenerative agriculture.