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Green Terra Alliance


Homeowners can be part of the sustainable solution to landfills

Green Terra Alliance is working to combat the next danger our landfills pose: Greenhouse gases. When household organic material such as food waste and grass clippings are put into a landfill it is generally covered and compacted down. This causes the oxygen to be removed and the organic waste to break down in an anaerobic process. Eventually, this process releases methane, which is a greenhouse gas that is 25X more potent than carbon dioxide. Methane is flammable and can combust if built up pressure gets too high.

By subscribing to Green Terra Alliance’s service you can make a real difference in the world by reducing the amount of organic waste being sent to landfills causing overflow and methane buildup.

Guided By Clear Values

We are passionate about saving the environment by reducing food waste.
We are confident that with our knowledge, our vision and our proprietary processes, we can efficiently and sustainably recycle food waste into compost.
We are disciplined in our approach to growing our business through sustainable means. We act responsibility to achieve our goals.
We believe in being as efficient as possible in everything we do, because efficient use of resources, both human and natural, is at the heart of environmental sustainability.