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Green Terra Alliance

About Us

Green Terra Alliance Organic Waste and Garbage Traetment LLC. is a full circle food waste processing company that reduces food waste going to local landfills and recycles it into customized compost fertilizers for use in regenerative agriculture. We began with a clear, urgent vision—do something to reduce the impact of food waste. Canadians throw away approximately 31 million tonnes of food every year. This waste finds its way into local landfills. It is a growing, decomposing mountain of food that is releasing methane and other greenhouse gases into the air, while potentially contributing to water table contamination in the earth.

We are part of a world-wide paradigm shift towards greener innovations. We have developed a unique process that provides a sustainable, affordable waste management solution to food waste.

In a sense, we are the flip side of food’s farm-to-table journey. Our table-to-farm journey begins by diverting discarded food from into green food waste collection bins. These bins are brought to our facilities, and nearly 100% of the food waste is recycled into liquid and compost fertilizers, which are then used in the regenerative agriculture industry.

A Sustainable Solution

We are help the environment by collecting and composting food waste destined for local landfills and transforming it into customized compost fertilizers for use in regenerative agriculture.

Holistic Table-To-Form-Approach

We divert food waste that would normally go to local landfills, then use an environmentally friendly, proprietary process to produce high quality compost fertilizer that is customized to every grower.

Specialized Equipment

Unlike other processes, we use specialized equipment to contain gases and odors produced during composting and recycle the gases in the process.

Proprietary Process

Our proven process destroys pathogens, captures methane gas, converts by-products into liquid fertilizer and produces high quality compost fertilizer for use in the agriculture industry.

Mission Statement

To deliver innovative ideas that will reduce environmentally negative footprints while nurturing the environment for future generations.